Twitter ah Donald Trump followers an zor thluahmah i Biden followers an karh thluahmah



November 17 ni thok in a tu tiangah Twitter cungah presiden Trump followers cu 133902 an zor cang i president-elect Joe Biden cu 1156610 an karh cang.





Cun, Trump hi president a sung thai a si ahcun Twitter nih a huppheng ti lai lo ti zong theih a si. Twitter nih an ngeihmi phung ah, mi pakhat khat cu mipi nih a konglam hngal duh taktak mi (newsworthy individuals) a si ah cun, cu mi nih ca a tial tikah Twitter phung a buar ko zongah Twitter nih an ruahthiam i an ban lo. Cucaah Trump zong hi president a ai ti lo ah cun Twitter nih a ruat thiam ti lai lo i phung a buar ah cun an ban cang lai tinak a si.






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